Mishkan Israel Day Camp

About Us

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MISHKAN ISRAEL encourages each child participating in our camp to express themselves and display their skills and talents. We meet five days a week for various activities such as field trips, athletics like swimming, games, and other activities. We also emphasize self-growth and creativity and develop them through songs, discussion groups, arts and crafts, and dramatics.
Our team from MISHKAN ISRAEL are dedicated young people who see that our programs and activities offer excitement while holistically developing our children. From our camp roll call to our assembly for dismissal, we make sure that everything is lively and full of learning opportunities.

About Our Participants

Our young campers at MISHKAN ISRAEL are divided into age groups, which makes it easier for our team to offer individualized attention and supervision. Our average group comprises 8 to 10 campers.
The children in the same group will work together to improve their social interaction skills and sense of cooperation. We will be assigned a counselor and junior counselor per group to monitor our campers better and facilitate learning easier.