Mishkan Israel Day Camp

Camp Activities

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Sports & Water Activities

MISHKAN ISRAEL offers numerous sports activities for our youth campers, including baseball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and field hockey. Given the proper guidance and support, we are confident that our children will be more capable of enjoying sports and will develop their confidence while also learning sportsmanship and leadership. Safety personnel and staff members will be supervising all our sports activities.
Furthermore, we have daily recreational swimming, water sports, and swimming instruction in full-sized, heated swimming pools. This is a refreshing and fun way to learn a helpful life skill while enjoying the season. For the safety of our children, all aquatic activities are under the constant, careful supervision of trained and certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructors and lifeguard personnel.
A Kid Learning To Swim

Trip Days

MISHKAN ISRAEL holds a trip day each week throughout the summer. We take our campers to many of Southern Connecticut’s major attractions. Of course, our team monitors safety at all times; we delegate one counselor for every five campers during these trips.
For past trips, our campers have visited:
Our trips include taking campers to fun activities like ice skating, horseback riding, and more.

Music & Art Activities

We promote holistic and positive child development by developing their interests in creative expressions, such as music and arts. Both are essential components of the MISHKAN ISRAEL camp curriculum, and we entrust these activities to the care of outstanding creative arts counselors.
Within the eight weeks of summer camp, campers are given opportunities to sing the classic and up-and-going Jewish songs they know and be introduced to unfamiliar songs. The unique musical experience is just one of the few things that make MISHKAN ISRAEL so special.